About Earth City


Started in 1971, the 1,175-acre Earth City Business Park is located in Northwest St. Louis County with frontage on I-70. The Park contains 12.3 million square feet of space in 168 buildings and is home to an estimated 300 businesses employing about 15,000 people. The estimated market value of all the Park’s properties exceeds $700 million.

Benefits of Locating in Earth City

Earth City is loaded with benefits as a business destination. First and foremost is the Park’s central location and ease of access. Earth City sits at the crossroads of  two interstate highways and only four miles from the airport. Visit the Why Earth City page for more benefits.

About The Name

The Earth City Business Park is not an incorporated community within St. Louis County or the state of Missouri. Rather, it is simply the name of a very large and strategically located, mixed-use Business Park located in unincorporated St. Louis County.

Park Users

The Earth City Business Park is a mix-used business community of office buildings, investor-owned industrial buildings, owner-occupied industrial buildings, hotels, restaurants, and other service-related facilities.

Day-to-Day Management

Since 2002, A.M.C.I. Commercial Park Management LLC, a St. Louis-based company, has handled the day-to-day management duties for the Park. A.M.C.I. also is responsible for enforcing the covenants and restrictions contained in the Park’s Indentures.

Park Indentures

All properties in the Park are subject to recorded Indentures. The Indentures are for the mutual benefit and protection of the property owners. The Indentures established a six-day member Board of Trustees. Since the Earth City Business Park is not an incorporated community, all zoning matters are handled by St. Louis County.

Flood Control System

Located on the east shore of the Missouri River, the Earth City Business Park is protected from flooding by a 500-year levee and supporting flood control system in place since 1972. The Earth City Levee district, a political subdivision of the state of Missouri, operates and maintains the entire flood control system. For more information, visit earthcityld.com